Buying New Keller TX Real Estate? Decide on These Non-Negotiable Elements First

When you are purchasing a new home for the family, you have to make sure that what youre buying would suit all of your needs. After all, moving to a new house is supposed to help improve your living quality. Before you sign anything, make sure all the boxes on your list are checked. This particular list would contain your non-negotiables, certain preferences the new home should have so you and your family can live as comfortably as possible. Each set of non-negotiables is ultimately different for each homebuyer. The list will provide a way to narrow down the houses to check out further making the selection process more efficient.

Here are some non-negotiable elements you have to think about every time you check out Keller, TX real estate for you:

Multi-Level or Bungalow

The first thing you need to decide on is if you want a home that has at least two floors or you are more comfortable living in a single level bungalow. Bungalows are usually designed to have a bit more yard space in the back so you can easily start a garden if you want to. Having just a single story home means no one would have any difficulty moving around especially if they are handicapped.

Having two or more floors in your home gives you a lot more space to move around. This is particularly important when you have a large bunch and you are aware that having everyone living on a single floor would easily make the home feel too crowded.

Number of Rooms

Especially when you have a big family, you have to be particularly decisive about the number of rooms you will need. Ideally, each child should be allotted their own room so you wont face issues when they grow up and want their own private space. You may also want to think about turning other rooms into a home office or study. Factor this in as well. Otherwise, it may be costly to try to add a room on after the move.

Home Features

Admit it, there are just some features you would just love to have in your new home. Chances are, you may want an eat-in kitchen, something that as many 80 percent of home buyers want. An eat-in kitchen is essentially a spot between the kitchen and dining room where everyone can gather and have a casual meal. Ideally, its best to find a home with a kitchen that has this feature already because it may be costly to add it in especially when the kitchen area is relatively small.

Keep these non-negotiable elements in mind as you continue to look around for your dream home. Once you have finalized your preferences with regard to these, feel free to relay your choices to your real estate agent at Nu Home Source Realty. That way, all the homes you would be checking out would be closer to what you are looking for. Just take your time when deciding. After all, buying a home is a big deal.


Closing Costs Can Run Between 2-5 of Purchase Price


1.     1/2 of Title and Escrow fees

·        Fees such as transfer taxes, title insurance, notary fees, etc.

2.     Commissions

·        Real Estate Commissions

3.     Loan Payoff

·        Outstanding mortgage balances would be satisfied at closing

 Additional Costs

Home Warranty (Optional)

Property Taxes (Prorated)

RE Brokerage Admin Fees

Pest and Septic Inspection

HOA Fees (Prorated, if required)

*All fees and charges can be negotiated.

*Be prepared. Budget for low-cost repairs.

*Tax prorations vary by state, ask a professional.


1.      1/2 of Title and Escrow fees

·         Fees such as transfer taxes, title insurance, notary fees, etc.

2.     Lender Fees

·        For obtaining a mortgage including the appraisal

3.     Homeowners Insurance

·        Typically one year of your hazard or homeowners insurance is paid up front at closing.

Additional Costs

Owners Title Insurance

Inspection Fees (in escrow)

Earnest Money (credit at close)

RE Admin Fee (if applicable)

Credit Report Fee

*You can ask for closing cost assistance from the seller as part of the offer.

* A $1,000 increase in purchase price usually equates to lt; $10 / month.

* Dont make any big purchases when you are under contract.

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